Department of Russian Language and Literature

  • During the time of the existence of the Department of Russian Language and Literature our staff members were:
  • Svetlana Nikolaevna Zaharova
  • Inna Eduardovna Savko
  • Olga Ivanovna Tsareva
  • Alexander Konstantinovich Kiklevich
  • Anatoli Nikolaevich Andreev
  • Anna Boleslavovna Shepilova
  • Svetlana Anatol'evna Shantarovich
  • Irina Vladimirovna Nikolaenko
  • Anna Dmitrievna Fomina
  • At different times former Luceum students Tatiana Nikolaevna Maslova and Maria Valer'evna Petrashko worked here.

Since 1992 at Republic Olympiads Lyceum Students have shown a high level of language training, as well as an excellent knowledge of Russian Literature. Tatiana Vladimirovna Ignatovich, Nadezhda Terent'evna Antropova and Elena Olegovna Kapustina have been in charge of Olympiad preparation of the Lyceum team, which has won first place at the Republic Olympiad and was awarded the prize of " Boat of Knowledge".
Our team also takes part in the competitions in the Russian Language among the students of CIS and Baltic States.

We strongly believe that due to their hard and creative work our students will become more successful, more interesting, kinder and happier.