Department of Social Sciences

The history of our department, as well as all Lyceum, began modestly - with only a history teacher Elena Pavlovna Andreeva.Soon joined her a teacher of Social Sciences Andrew Petrovich Andreev and a history teacher Svetlana Ivanovna Basko.Elena Pavlovna and Svetlana Ivanovna now teach at the Lyceum.Elena Pavlovna - bright, charming and beloved teacher and the class teacher of several generations of high school students. She is able to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust, preserves the spirit of the Lyceum, its traditions.Svetlana Ivanovna Basko an excellent teacher of World History and Social Sciences.

A creative approach to teaching and commitment of teachers of the department became the basis for the creation of a specialized lyceum historical classes.In 1995 historical-philological classes appeared at the Lyceum , and in 1997 historical classes. Graduates of these classes please us with their success, and two of them - Makar Shnip (Current Director of BSU Lyceum) and Vitaly Kirilenko ( Current Vice-director) joined the teaching staff of the Lyceum.