Department of Informatics

Informatics is concerned with the study of the representation, storage, processing, and communication of information.

Although BSU Lyceum doesn't have forms that specialise in Informatics, students have the opportunity to attend additional Informatics classes at the Lyceum where they can learn programming languages C, object-oriented programming in the development environmentС++Builder, use PhotoShop.

The Department of Informatics will continue to reinforce its research and education through engagement in national collaborations and competitions. We pay great attention to our students who take part in team and individual olympiads and conferences in programming and informatics.

We take pride in the achievements of our students who won diplomas at the following olympiads:

  • All-Russian Team Olympiad for Students in Saint-Petersburg
  • All-Russian Correspondence Programming Olympiad in Moskow
  • International Zhautykov Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics in Almaty in Kazakhstan

At the final stage of the Republic Olympiad in Informatics Lyceum students have won more than 150 diplomas.

At International Olympiad in Inforvmatics our students have won an average of 3 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze medals.

  • 2009 - gold medal (Bogdanov Dmitri), silver medal (Volhin Artem)
  • 2010 - bronze medal (Kalinnikov Pavel)
  • 2012 - silver medal (Podtelkin Vladislav)
  • 2013 - silver medal (Sokol Konstantin), bronze medal (Podtelkin Vladislav)

As a rule on entering universities our students become winners International Olympiads for university students and professional programmers.

Across all of its activities, the Department will seek to support and promote its students in their efforts to reach their full potential.

Welcome to the Department of Informatics,
Lapo Angelica Ivanovna
Head, Department of Informatics