Department of Physics

BSU Lyceum opened in 1991, with the Department of Physics among the very first departments at the new Lyceum.
..... was offered to ..(number). classes of enthusiastic young students. The Departmen of Physics is rightly considered to be one of the cornerstones of the Lyceum.

The Department of Physics at BSU Lyceum is large and diverse.

The Lyceum features a wide range of opportunities to engage in physics from theoretical to the experimental. Research in the Department seeks to explore and explain fundamental questions and laws of the universe.

We have been ranked ...
In recent years wehave produced the largest numbers of...
, which reflects the outstanding quality of students we attract and the superb education they receive.


Olympiads and Competitions

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The emphasis is placed on teaching and preparing students to continue their reserch at universities and to be at the forefront of the next generation of physicists.
We pursue fundamental science and in doing so make discoveries that enable us to contribute directly to tackling the challenging problems facing society

Each year about 195 young people join our challenging undergraduate courses. They receive a rigorous education in modern physics from academic staff who are not only world leaders in research but dedicated and talented teachers of the next generation.

DM currently has about ??? academic staff, about ??? postdoctoral staff . The current Head of Department, since 20??, is Professor???

Welcome to the Department of Physics,
Professor of Physics and
Head, Department of Physics