Physical Education Department

The mission of the Physical Education Department is to increase awareness of healthy lifestyle behaviors and to provide convenient and attractive opportunities to practice these healthy lifestyle behaviors. Toward this end,the PED program strives to provide a wide array of fitness and wellness opportunities in an effort to maximize students' participation.
The motto of the PE Department: "Sound mind in a sound Lyceum's body"

In 2010 the Physical Education Department celebrated its 20th anniversary. The Head of the Department is Ivan Koltun. The staff of the department: Alexander Metel, Olga Gusinets, Vladimir Yanchenya, Nikolay Yaruta, Yuri Bobr, Eugenу Kozlovsky, Alexaner Leshko, Julia Toropova are dedicated to creating a student centered educational environment that will focus on enriching and expanding the student's short and long-term views and attitudes towards physical activity. There are two Masters of sports and a Candidate in Master's of sports. The teaching staff takes an active part in competitions in which repeatedly became prize winners.
The Head of a Military training course is Valery Besprozvanny,a retired colonel and the Bachelor of Philosophy.

The distinguishing feature of the teachers - all of them are not only the masters of physical culture and sports, but also remarkable educators sincerely interested in the success of their students either in the gym, on the soccer field, in the pool or on the tourist trail.